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Solarfall - Ice CD Ab 10,00 EUR
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Debut full-length 10-track album by SOLARFALL (Krasnoyarsk) laconically titled “Lyod” (Ice), is a good example of furious technical black metal! The influence of the first and the second waves of black metal is evident, but copying is not the case here. The band goes its own way, professionally and confidently employing the best practices and techniques of classic black metal! The album begins with traditional opener from the 90-es – “Sun will Never Rise Again” – a raw and fast song with acoustic inserts. The subsequent songs have the same familiar core ingredients – speed and aggression –but they are more diverse, thanks to the elements of other extreme metal genres, such as death, thrash and black’n’roll. It is mainly the result of a long period of composing. The album was recorded during 2016 in different studios of Krasnoyarsk, mixed and mastered by Vitold Buznaev (The Amplogia Studio). Artwork was made by Kirill Maksimchuk(No More Render). Solos in "Twisted Tongues" were performed by Evgen Tsybulin (DEHYDRATED) – an old friend of the band.


Solarfall - Ice CD
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